Month: February 2017

Best AirBnB Listing Picture Tips

Taking pictures to go along with your AirBnB listing is an opportunity to make your AirBnB listing stand out.  Before guests read through your AirBnB listing description, they will almost certainly look through your pictures to see if… Read More

Best Response to Your Guest’s AirBnB Reservation

As you have now become a pro at responding to an AirBnB guest’s initial message, you undoubtedly have AirBnB reservations pouring in.  So what is the best way to communicate with your AirBnB guest prior once they confirm… Read More

Best Toilet Paper For AirBnB Hosting

What is the best toilet paper for AirBnB hosting?  We have all had bad experiences with toilet paper in public restrooms.  The thin, rough, mega roll of toilet paper has made our trips to the potty a painful… Read More

Understanding AirBnB Hosting Costs

So, you’ve decided to become an AirBnB host!  A critical factor in the success of an AirBnB hosting business is fully understanding the AirBnB hosting costs associated with running a short term rental.  In this post, I will… Read More

Best Way to Respond to an AirBnB Booking Inquiry

As an AirBnB host, your first communication with your guest is going to be through an AirBnB booking inquiry.  AirBnB guests sift through tons of AirBnB listings looking for the perfect place to stay and have contacted you… Read More