Month: August 2017

Cheap & Easy Cleaning Tip – Clean your Bathroom Fixtures using Vinegar

This is a very cheap and easy cleaning tip to remove bathroom grime with just distilled white vinegar! Hard water and heavy use of your Airbnb guest bathrooms can lead to buildup of deposits on your showerhead and… Read More

Airbnb Shower Essentials

Airbnb guests have come to expect certain shower essentials to be provided by hosts.  While some of these are listed under the amenities part of the listing and hosts can be transparent about what is provided, guests tend… Read More

Tips for Booking your Entire Airbnb Calendar

Booking your entire Airbnb calendar is a difficult challenge even in popular times for a given location.  Often times weekdays go unbooked or reservations leave unsavory dates available in between.  Regardless of the time of year, here are… Read More