Month: June 2018

How to Remove a Pre-Approval

Booking inquiries come in all the time and hosts have the option to send guests a pre-approval to let them know it is ok to create a reservation.  Sometimes situations arise and it becomes necessary to remove this… Read More

Tips for Managing Multiple Short Term Rental Platforms

Listing your rooms on multiple platforms can help you get more bookings and make more money, but this strategy does come with some challenges.  Here are some hosting tips that will help you expand the visibility of your… Read More

Best Carpet Cleaner For Pets

With the best carpet cleaner for pets, you’ll be able to remove fur, dander, dirt, unsightly stains and eliminate pet odors with ease.  We love our pets, but it can be a constant battle to keep your carpets… Read More

Do I Need a Box Spring?

Do I need a box spring?  This question comes up often as people are putting together bedrooms.  The answer depends on the type of bed frame and mattress you will be using.  Here are some tips to help… Read More