How to Remove a Pre-Approval

Booking inquiries come in all the time and hosts have the option to send guests a pre-approval to let them know it is ok to create a reservation.  Sometimes situations arise and it becomes necessary to remove this reservation pre-approval. Do you know how to remove an existing pre-approval?

Why Remove a Pre-Approval?

How to Remove a Pre-Approval - Best Airbnb Hosting TipsThere could be a number of reasons why you would need to remove a reservation pre-approval.  

  • Personal obligations may prevent you from being available on those dates
  • Another guest is ready to book the same dates
  • You accidentally clicked pre-approval
  • More information about the guests needs become known and you are unable to accommodate (such as extra guests or pets, for example)
  • You decide you yourself need a vacation!

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but are some of the more common reasons to remove a reservation pre-approval.


How to Remove a Pre-Approval on Airbnb

Regardless of your reason to remove the pre-approval, Airbnb makes it simple to make this change.  Here’s how to do it!

  • Go to your Airbnb inbox
  • Select the message thread for the guest who has a pending pre-approval
  • Click “Remove Pre-Approval”

Boom!  Done!


Does Removing a Pre-Approval Hurt your Hosting Status?

How to Remove a Pre-Approval - Best Airbnb Hosting TipsI personally do my best to avoid removing a pre-approval unless absolutely necessary.  My guests’ needs are a top priority and a smooth booking experience is a part of being an excellent Airbnb host.

Fortunately, removing a pre-approval will not affect your current or future Superhost status.  Since the reservation was never confirmed, removing a pre-approval will not count as a cancellation.

There still could be an effect on your search ranking in the Airbnb system.  While Airbnb has explicitly stated that certain things can affect your search ranking, removing a pre-approval has not been clearly mentioned.  Based on the complexity of the variable inputs that Airbnb claims to use in their search ranking algorithm, I would not be surprised if removing a pre-approval does count against a host’s search ranking.  This is another reason I try to avoid removing a pre-approval.

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