Top 6 Reasons to Clean your Dryer Vent

While a lot of lint is collected in the dryer lint trap, much of it escapes and can build up in your dryer vent line.  This lint will continue to build up and restrict the flow of the dryer exhaust to the outside. Even if your dryer vent line is not completely obstructed, partial blockages can be very costly!

We often don’t think about the dryer vent.  The exhaust from the dryer goes out of the back of the unit and through a line in the wall until it is eventually expelled to the outside air.  Out of sight, out of mind. Even though we don’t see the dryer vent line, it could be costing you money and even putting your home and family in danger!

Cleaning your dryer vent should be done every year and is very simple to do.  A dryer vent cleaning kit from Amazon is all you’ll need. You could pay someone about $100 every year to do this service, but cleaning the vent yourself only takes a few minutes.  The kit will last forever and is less than half the price of the one time service! Here are 6 important reasons to clean your dryer vent!

Top 6 Reasons to Clean your Dryer Vent - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

Reasons to Clean your Dryer Vent

Dryer Lint is a Fire Hazard

Top 6 Reasons to Clean your Dryer Vent - Best Airbnb Hosting TipsThis is by far the most important reason to clean your dryer vent.  Lint is incredibly flammable. In fact, it is so easy to ignite that it is commonly used as a fire starter!

As lint builds up in your dryer vent line, it can ignite and cause a serious house fire.  This fire can spread rapidly to other parts of the home, putting your family and belongings at serious risk. Thousands of dryer fires happen every year.  Taking a few minutes to clean your clothes dryer vent line can substantially reduce this risk!


Your Dryer will Last Longer

Top 6 Reasons to Clean your Dryer Vent - Best Airbnb Hosting TipsA clogged vent line will force your dryer to work harder to dry clothes.  Drying times will get longer, causing more wear and tear on your equipment.  With unnecessary back pressure created by the lint in the dryer vent, the dryer is not able to push as much damp air out of the house, meaning your clothes will spin without getting dryer.  When a dryer is forced to work in these conditions, they tend to break down much faster.


Your Clothes will Dry Faster

Top 6 Reasons to Clean your Dryer Vent - Best Airbnb Hosting TipsHave you been experiencing long drying times?  Do you have to run the dryer 2 or 3 times just to dry your clothes?  Well, you might have a clogged dryer vent line!

When the dryer is unable to push as much air through the system, your clothes take much longer to dry.  Save yourself the time and hassle of waiting for your clothes to dry by cleaning out your dryer vent!


Lint Attracts Rodents and Pests

Top 6 Reasons to Clean your Dryer Vent - Best Airbnb Hosting TipsYou may not have considered that your dryer lint is attracting pests.  Rodents and other pests love dryer lint. It is soft and spongy and great for making nests.  Don’t give pests a reason to hang out in your house. A quick cleaning of your dryer vent will get rid of all that irresistible lint and force those pesky critters to go visit the neighbors instead!


Save Time!

Top 6 Reasons to Clean your Dryer Vent - Best Airbnb Hosting TipsTime is valuable.  You may think that you don’t have the time to clean your dryer vent, but it’ll save you so much time in the long run.  How many times have you gone to the dryer only to find out your clothes are still wet? Now you have to run another cycle and come back later to see if they are dry.  This vicious cycle can be completely avoided with a yearly vent cleaning session that only takes a few minutes!


Save Money!!!

Top 6 Reasons to Clean your Dryer Vent - Best Airbnb Hosting TipsAs you might have guessed by now, a clean dryer vent will save you money!  Everybody likes saving money, right? When your dryer vent is clean, you’ll save money in a couple ways.

  • Lower Utility Bills – Whether you have a gas or electric dryer, your clothes will dry faster meaning the dryer is running as long.  This means less energy consumption and lower bills!
  • Fewer Repairs and Maintenance – A clean dryer vent will keep your dryer happy and healthy and save you from costly repair and replacement costs!
  • Time is Money – All the time you save dealing with a dryer that doesn’t dry or repairing/replacing a dryer that isn’t working properly is a huge waste of time!  Think of all the cool things you could be doing instead!


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